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Our Mission

Amaryllis has been created as a unique investment vehicle focused on ideas and innovations to reveal hidden value in communities.

Our objectives are to find unique investments or opportunities that exist in blind spot areas.  We facilitate the development of ideas into a functional organisation.  We fund the most promising either directly or in collaboration with partners who share or values and goals.

Amaryllis houses some of the top talent active in the investment world today, focused on working with emerging concepts.  This team works to bring an idea to investment ready status by applying their own knowledge and skills to help founders assess their own workstreams.

They do this by entering into the Amaryllis “Dream Engine”.  Created to bypass many of the traumas experienced by new companies and founders, the process involves Amaryllis own expert team of concept engineers bringing aid to the areas that require it.  This approach means that there is a highly personalised investment approach brought to the marketplace, with each organisation treated individually based on need, not an expectation.

We don’t do this alone however – Amaryllis work with a carefully curated set of partners who share our passion for innovation, but also our commitment to an ethical and humanistic approach.  We are a diverse group – and we look for that in our partners.

Buy into our approach and values and in return, we promise to abide by an equitable and transparent approach.  We firmly believe that there is no approach like that of Amaryllis available today, and we are proud to work with a number of organisations that are truly challenging their marketplace.

Meet the Team

People are the difference.  In our case, we believe that these people can make that difference for you

Kully Johal

Kully Johal

Managing Partner

Kully is Executive board member and Angel investor, specialising in high growth early stage organisations.  She has successfully launched numerous ventures with an eye for hidden value


Andrew Lowerson


Andrew is a something of a product management, new product development, and digital marketing savant, operating in the automotive, software and technology sectors.  Has taken numerous propositions to market

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